The Lead In

The last couple of days have been spent on Shelter Island with my wife celebrating our 2 year anniversary. To be honest, when planning our anniversary weekend I had a little anxiety about not being able to train the weekend prior to my race. However, the only reason I am able to dedicate so much time and pursue my passion is because of her so, taking a couple of days off means nothing. In addition the timing couldn't have been more perfect since I was feeling a low level of fatigue. Three days rest and relaxation was exactly what I needed. I could write an entirely new blog entry about my anniversary on Shelter Island but let me just say it was extremely relaxing and I had an amazing time with my wife. Oh, and we biked around Shelter island for 2.5 hrs. (she biked for 2.5 hours on rolling hills . . . hmmmmm. . . .are you thinking what I'm thinking?)

On our way home I began to slip back into reality and think of the week ahead. Four days of work and light training was all that was between me and Harryman 70.3.

I received an interesting text from Matt yesterday. He wanted me to write a race report for this race a week in advance? I was to include every detail from arrival to finish line. This homework was going to be exciting since I had already been running through the race in my head.

As I was typing out the report I was getting pretty excited since my palms started sweating and my body temperature was rising. I certainly have a game plan in my head with specific splits written down. I won't reveal my splits yet but I will include them in my race report. Matt and I are planning to meet up and talk this week about his race plan for me and I'm curious to see how our plans align.

Thankfully I haven't lost any sleep thinking about the race and the normal adrenaline drip hasn't started yet which is a good thing. The better I can manage my excitement and emotions prior to the race day the better. I need to save and then unleash everything on race day.

Side Note:

My foot started bothering me about a week ago. It was a weird and different pain. It didn't feel like a bruise or stress fracture rather the pain came sporadically and would wrap around my foot. At first I thought it was from Pilates then maybe from pushing off the wall in the pool. Then after further scrutiny I realized the pain came when I wore my Kinarvas. To test my theory I walked around barefoot for a awhile and then in some loafers. My conclusion was that my foot pain was caused by my sneakers or more appropriately the lack there of. The Kinarvas are extremely flexible, offer a limited amount of support and have a very soft sole. My feet do not like these characteristics in running shoes. I have now retired my Kinarvas, I really wish my feet like them since they were very comfortable and fun to wear around town. I ordered another pair of shoes from Zappos (I love this site). My foot is feeling better and fully anticipate being at 100% by Thursday.


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