Antibiotics, Racing, Moving Forward

I completed my 10 day stint with antibiotics about a week ago while out in California and I'm excited to say I'm progressing back to normal.  This feeling of normalcy means one thing, back to training and attempting to reach my goals for this season.

Timberman is in less than 3 weeks and there is no way Ill be ready to compete.  I probably could finish the race but I have zero interest in finishing a race.  On a positive note, my Dad and I will be competing in the Smith Point Sprint in one week.  My Dad is in great form and we are looking to make a statement.  I'm personally excited for the out-and-back bike course and its potential for speed. I do have plans on racing a 70.3 this season but when and where is depending on how quickly and efficiently I can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

IM Lake Placid was over a  week ago and I stayed up until midnight to watch the last racers cross the finishline. Usually the highlight of the night are those late nite finishers crossing the line but this year's highlight was brought to us by Andy Potts (he crossed the line in 1st place, about 8 hours earlier).  After a quick recovery Andy headed down to the finish to cheer on the last finishers.  Now this is nothing new for pros but Andy took it a step further and actually ran out into the night in order to run with and cheer on the potential last finisher of the day.  How many other sports does the winner stick around to cheer on and support the last finisher of a 17hr day?  Just another reason why I enjoy triathlon so much.

I just finished up my first week of training with Organic Endurance and I'm feeling great.  Matt and I are on the exact same page of what needs to be done and we will be working extremely close to ensure   both of us reach our 2012 triathlon related goals.

I'm still dealing with the remnants of babsiosis, mainly issues with my memory recall.


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