Stepping Up to Ironman

As usual Lake Placid has come and gone and all the talk revolves around the Placid Experience.  I would be lying if I said I wasnt jealous or didnt want to share in those experiences and the energy of Placid.  I was able to watch numerous friends and familiar faces cross the line this year via Ironman Live's video feed and just as in years' past, I got goose bumps.  140.6 athletes (Pros to 17th-hour age groupers) are one-of-a-kind and truly inspirational.  For the past few years I have talked about going up to Placid as a spectator to get a taste of the Experience and each year I find myself on the couch watching it on the computer from my apartment.  Hopefully next year I will be able to get up there and get a taste of what Ironman is all about.

"So when are you going to do an Ironman?" Im asked this question all the time.  My immediate response is, . . . "NEVER".  Which is then followed by a discussion revolving around, "why not".  I view the Ironman distance as something special, a distance to be truly respected and as such I have no intention of "watering down" Ironman with a piss poor performance.  I have told a few close friends that I have some set standards/goals that I must accomplish before I ever decide to step up to the 140.6 distance.

First, I have to actually want to do an Ironman/140.6 (can't forget about the Challenge Series :)) There is no half assing Ironman, you are either in and fully committed or you are out, there is no in between.  Right now I'm OUT.

Second. I truly enjoy the 70.3 distance.  For me its the perfect blend of racing and an endurance event (getting closer to racing) and a true test of what im made of.   This distance allows me to get my competitive fix through training and racing while still remaining happily married!

Third. I need to break 5 hours at the 70.3 distance before I even begin to think of stepping it up in distance.  I have absolutely no desire to be a 17th hour/Midnight finisher.  If I ever step up to the big distance than I want to be able to race it and finish in an acceptable time.  Currently Im making every effort to be able to race  70.3 from start to finish.  I love going fast and as of now the 140.6 distance has the word, "SLOW" written all over it.  SLOW is not FUN.

Fourth. I would have to get the "go ahead" and have full support from my wife.  The training alone for the 140.6 distance is something serious and without Melissa being 100% on board then Ironman will remain a spectator sport .


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