2013 Season Reflection

The amount of incredibly bizarre setbacks I have had to endure for the past year and a half had me salivating for this past triathlon season. I wanted more than anything to just race this season and that is exactly what I did.

I was able to get in 4 races this year; Harriman Olympic, Rev3 Quassy Half, Vineman 70.3 and Toughman Half. Each race offered their own unique challenges and had their own personality. I could see myself doing these races again in the future however with so many races out there, next season I plan on challenging myself on completely different courses.

Besides just signing up for races I had very specific goals ranging from the super short term (daily, weekly) to season long. There is no secret that my passion for triathlon lies at the 70.3 distance and my goal split times were geared toward this distance. One of the only ways that would allow me even deem this season a success was to reach my goal split times. I wanted to complete the swim in 35 minutes, complete the bike in 3 hours and complete the run in 2 hours. This translates to an overall goal time of 5:35. I can proudly say that all these goals were not only met but surpassed. It's an incredibly empowering feeling to establish goals and then reach them. Goal setting is an aspect of triathlon that I love and find truly rewarding and humbling. For any aspect of my life, triathlon related or not, I'm constantly establishing goals for myself. Some goals take longer to achieve than others but that's what I enjoy. I find reward in working hard to achieve them. I find reward in figuring out how to achieve them. I find reward stumbling along the way. It's not always about getting to your destination rather, the journey you set out on. The journey I took this past season had me take around 25 minutes off my previous "fastest" time. I became a much better swimmer, I became a stronger biker and my running has improved. All of these improvements came with sacrifice, dedication, sweat, tears and good ole' HTFU.

2014 I have tentative race plans but very specific goals. As of now I'm only planning on doing two races at the 70.3 distance and possible a few Olympic distance races. Nothing is confirmed yet but I'm toying with the idea of Eagleman 70.3 in early June and then Timberman 70.3 toward the end of August. The Harriman Olympic will probably remain as my season opener in April. However all this could change as new races are consistently being announced.

Now, for my splits.... I will swim 31 minutes or faster. I will bike 2:45-50 or faster. I will run 1:50 or faster. These splits will put me at 5:15 or better.

I was able to sit down with Matt to discuss the past, present and future and we are on the same page with everything. I will be actively recovering the rest of September and then be getting back at it starting in October.

New goals, New year, New me


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