Philly FTW


The close of my triathlon season at Ironman Princeton 70.3 was a cause for celebration.  I headed down to Miami with my wife and finished the season properly.  While on the plane to and from Miami I created a highlight reel of the season and started to think about what was next? What was I going to do with my " off season"? With our first child on its way I had to start making some smart choices. Should I race (triathlon) again in November, December and January . . . only if I wanted an immediate divorce!  So racing triathlon throughout the winter was off the table but, I am carrying a ton of fitness and didn't want to waste it.

With a bunch of friends running the Philadelphia Marathon I figured I'd might as well drive down there and support them.  I have always enjoyed cheering people on and giving back to those that had supported me through out the season so, I made the decision . . . I'm headed to Philly as a super fan.

Cheering is fun but, racing is better.  I checked with Melissa and was given clearance.  I jumped on a computer, registered, and booked a hotel in a matter of minutes. The OFF season was now back ON.

My training focus for the Philly Half Marathon is going to be speed work.  I once viewed a half marathon as a long distance event. I now treat it as a short race.  I am by no means competitive with true runners but I'm certainly not pacing myself to ensure I cross the finish line.

Over the summer on a training run I ran just under 1:32 for 13.1 miles.  My goal for this race is to go under 1:30.  I will certainly need to have a great day to accomplish this but I'm pretty confident that I can do it.

What has me most excited for this up coming weekend is that I will be dining, laughing, taking in the sights and sharing race war stories with friends.

Some type of race report to follow.


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