One month out from my first race of the season and I was starting to salivate. I had finally started to develop some fitness since becoming a new Dad and I was very excited to celebrate it on race day.

About 2.5 weeks out from the race we had our first heat wave of the summer and as expected I endured a migraine headache. I have dealt with migraines all of my life so this experience was nothing new or alarming. As the heat wave continued for the next couple of days I made sure to train very early in the morning to escape the heat however each successive day ushered in another migraine. This was becoming very aggravating because migraines absolutely tax my mind and body and leave me exhausted. As the initial heat wave broke so did my three day string of migraines, or so I thought.

This heat wave triggered a wave of migraines for the next two weeks, I practically had a migraine every day. The flood of migraines brought my training to a screeching halt but what made matters even worse was the fact that I couldn't fulfill my role as a parent and husband. I felt and continue to feel horrible that Melissa has had to shoulder more of the work load. Unfortunately there is really nothing I can do when I'm in the middle of a migraine.

This episode of migraines was absolutely abnormal and raised enough concern to visit the doctor. I explained my case to the doctor and requested blood work to be completed in hopes of finding an answer. The doctor agreed to the blood work and explained a few other options we had depending on the results of the blood work. These options involved a CAT scan of my head and different medications requiring prolonged use. Im already an opponent of taking medication and there was no I was going to take daily medication over an infinite amount of time. I was sent home with a prescription for Imitrix and an appointment with Quest Diagnostics.

With in two days the results were back, I was deficient in Vitamin D. I was deficient in Vitamin D?

Could a deficiency in Vitamin D really be the cause of my migraines?

Based on the prescription of Vitamin D I was given I was frighteningly deficient. Im cautiously optimistic of Vitamin D as the answer. Hopefully my body just needs to become re-balanced and restoring my Vitamin D levels will do just that.

Side Note: I recently went on a "meatless" streak  with my diet and I coincidently began to get migraines after a month of no meat. Could my new dietary experiment be the reason for becoming Vitamin D deficient or the cause of my migraines?

My focus is now on getting better and solving this issue so that I can get back to being a Dad and husband.  Once that happens then I can resume chasing after my athletic goals.

Racing Smith Point will be a last second decision.


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