Searching For Neverland

The days following the Smith Point Triathlon brought with it reflection. I had a few major things to think about and find solutions for. My top priority was to figure out the cause(s) of my migraines. Then I needed to address my goals and training. Finally I needed to figure out where I lost my fire. All of these issues are related and there might even be a universal answer. I have a feeling that if I can answer just one of them then I'll be able to answer the rest. 

My blood work revealed that I was Vitamin D deficient. The normal range for Vitamin D is between 50-70 ng/ml. Mine was at 29 ng/ml. I initially could not understand how or why I could be so deficient when I'm outside for hours on end. I also couldn't quite grasp how being Vitamin D deficient could cause or lead to migraines. Like most people I began to do my research and found that there is a link between Vitamin D deficiency and migraines (These are merely links to and not direct causes of migraines). 

In addition to the migraines I have felt lethargic, sporadically motivated, and my sleeping pattern has changed. One would associate these symptoms with over training however I know I'm not over trained. Could these symptoms be linked to Vitamin D deficiency? You betcha! I have found that numerous athletes from triathletes to elite track athletes such as Deanne Kastor have experienced similar symptoms which could be attributed to Vitamin D deficiency. These athletes all reported a return to normal athletic abilities after a month long increase in Vitamin D intake.

I'm currently taking one medically prescribed dosage of 50,000 units per week of Vitamin D or roughly 7,000 units per day. Since starting the Vitamin D supplementation I have not had a migraine. This would lead me to believe that Vitamin D, or a lack there of, can be linked to migraines. I have another two and half weeks left until the medication is complete and I'm hoping by its conclusion I will be back to normal. 

This migraine/Vitamin D issue has derailed my training. I have done absolutely no training since July 28th and only a few times in the preceding weeks. For most this wouldn't seem crazy but for me, it's insane. It's also a bit demoralizing after coming so far since becoming a new Dad. The lack of fitness wouldn't be such a problem if I was able to start training again however my body and mind just aren't ready yet. My body hasn't recovered enough and my mind is somewhere else. If I was able to train how I wanted to again then I wouldn't have to adjust my goals and what's looking liked my racing schedule. 

It's difficult to explore one's limits and potential when the mind and body aren't one. Currently my mind and body are on two different flight plans. The anxiety, frustration, stress, pain, sadness, anger, caused by these migraines or Vit D deficiency has left me lacking focus, clarity and subsequent fire. For the last few days I haven't even thought about training. I wake up in the morning and have no urge to swim or bike or run. My drive, my hunger, my carpe diem attitude has disappeared. It's like I'm Peter Pan and I lost my happy thought. I need to find my happy thought. I need to get that fire lit again. I need to wake up hungry, motivated, and driven again.  


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