Finding My Ultra 2.5

February was an interesting month of training. The first two weeks started off as planned with the focus on climbing. Despite the relatively short distances covered the stress of climbing was certainly taxing ( nearly 25,000 ft. ) The resulting accumulation of fatigue and subsequent need for recovery was perfectly timed with a week off from work. 

I took full advantage of the recovery week; hydrating, fueling, resting, sleeping and spending time with Meliss and Noah.  As the fatigue dissipated and the rejuvenation commenced an ironic phrase kept popping into my head, "there is a delicate balance between peak fitness and absolute disaster."  I welcomed the snappiness in my legs as the week came to end. I wasn't however very hospitable to the emergence of a cold. The ensuing cold sucked the life out of me for nearly a week which resulted in a less then ideal lead into the Caumsett 50K. "There is a delicate balance between peak fitness and absolute disaster."

In addition to the physical blow, I have been struggling mentally the last two weeks. Shaking off The Grind from the last several months has proven difficult.  I'm still thoroughly enjoying the process and have a developed a new found love for running however there is a feeling missing. I'm patiently waiting for that extra stimulus, that extra boost of adrenaline to really stoke my fire.  I was truly expecting to have had this feeling the entire month but it has vacated me.  With just a few days left before the start of my season I'm anxiously awaiting this feeling.  I have a feeling it will show up the night before the race as I'm laying in bed.

Caumsett will mark the end of a build phase, the start of my Spring race season and the beginning of my final build towards The Traprock 50K in April.  


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