Test Results (bike)

Enjoyable pain, that is the best way I can describe my TT at Heckscher Park this morning.  This was the most painful test of the three and the one I worked hardest on.  There is not doubt that this was the hardest I have gone on my bike in months and man, was the lactid acid flowing!  Here are the results;

Lap 1: 10:42.87
Lap 2: 11:05.54
Total Time: 21:48.41

Avg Speed: 20.0 mph
Max Speed: 26.6
Avg HR: 177
Max HR: 188
Avg Cadence: 95
Avg Power: 205
Max Power: 361

There is not much that I can say about these numbers since they are baseline numbers.  The only thing I can say is that I'm very happy with my Avg Cadence of 95 (it usually is in the high 80's) and I'm happy that my Avg Power was above 200.  In my opinion I feel that 200 is a nice baseline number to start off with and if it was below 200 I would feel pretty pathetic.  As I view the graphs with my untrained eye I am very annoyed with the erratic fluctuations in them.  Obviously this is to be expected since I was outdoors and dealing with the elements but I personally would like to see smoother graphs.  Dare I even say that I'm in favor of doing work on the trainer versus riding outside?  It seems to be a growing trend among professional triathletes, such as Andy Potts, to do a majority of their bike work on a trainer.  I feel that my effort on the trainer produces more stable and consistent results (regarding the flow of the graphs).  I also need to remind myself that the winter is coming and the ability to ride outdoors in this amazing weather will come to and end and I should take advantage of it before 100% of my rides are indoors.

Now that this first round of testing is done it's time to meet with the Mad Scientist (Matt) and analyze all the data.  


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