Almost time to PUSH

Starting with my first day with Organic Endurance I have been very clear with my triathlon related goals. I have established goals ranging from short to long term with the ultimate objective of not only reaching these goals but successfully breaking through them and re-establishing new ones. Now that I'm back on track and operating at 100% it's full tilt towards achieving these goals.

Six weeks have passed, with a 10 day vacation mixed in, and i have finally reached a level of fitness where I can start to push my aerobic and anaerobic limitations. My speed and power have rebounded the quickest with my endurance trailing not too far behind. This was most evident in my run session yesterday.

Leading into this run I was a bit nervous and excited due to the specifics of the session. After a brief warm up I was to run in 7 minute continuous blocks with the goal of negative splitting each block. This run session was certainly the most specific and most intense since my episode with Babesiosis. Ideally I should have hit the treadmill to ensure that my run was as efficient as possible but instead because of the beautiful weather I opted to pound then pavement around my neighborhood.

After my warm up I settled in on the prescribed pace and hit the mark easily. My confidence and focus immediately skyrocketed and I was fired up to tackle the rest of the run. Each successive 7 minute block I was able to nail. I will admit that the three final minutes of the run I was working hard and really had to muscle it. This is not to say that my form wavered but I certainly did not embody the idea of " smooth speed". Last night's run was certainly a confidence builder and was reassuring that I'm not only making sound progress but I'm also on track to have a great race at Miamiman.

The last couple of runs I have gone on my Garmin 405 has been acting funny. The accuracy of the watch seems to be wavering. I have noticed a few times that despite not changing speed, effort, cadence, etc, my pace would drop by a minute to a minute in a half. I find this to be very frustrating since I'm using the watch to keep track of very specific times, speeds, etc. I haven't had a single problem with this watch over the past 4 years until now. My only lingering concern is that the watch will provide inaccurate information as I monitor my run during Miamiman. Hopefully I can find a solution for this problem because I have zero interest in purchasing a new Garmin watch or blowing up on the run at Miamiman.

My recent training accomplishments have certainly added some heat to the fire burning inside but my friends and family have also added to that fire. I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family that are kicking ass. A good friend of mine just PR'd at Toughman and a couple others just raced at the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas. In addition my brother has found a new interest in cycling and has rediscovered his passion for climbing. His excitement has been contagious. Finally my Dad never ceases to amaze me and add Inspiration. He has been religious about his preparations for our Century Ride which is a month away and he has also been logging miles in his Asics! I said it before in a previous blog entry, I can push myself pretty hard but it's my support team that will push me past my limits and across the finish line.


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