Game On!

I took off for Europe on August 21st with my lovely wife, Melissa.  This trip was planned awhile back with the idea that it would be a celebration to the end of my triathlon season and the end of the summer.  While it was an amazing way to end the summer it was hardly a celebration.  Right up until I jumped on the plane I had been working extremely hard and putting in the time to remind my body what hard work was all about.  I was extremely happy to have a couple days off because I was getting fairly sore and need time to absorb the training abuse.  After a few days in Europe I had properly recovered and was itching to get going again.  However this was a vacation with Melissa and NOT a time to train so I kept my urges to myself and gave Melissa my undivided attention.  As a fail safe I purposely did not pack any exercise gear so that there would be no opportunity to wake up early and bang out a swim/bike/run.  As a consolation prize Melissa and I did a ton of biking and walking each day.  A huge shout out to Meliss for charging on the bike, especially in Paris where we did back to back days of at least 5 hours on the bike.

There are just over two months left until I race which translates to roughly 8 weeks of solid, efficient high quality work.  This relatively short amount of time made it imperative that I meet with Matt to discuss the road ahead.  Fortunately we were able to sit down last night at Bicycle Planet in Syosset to discuss the Miamiman game plan.

Here is the long and short description of Miamiman; 75 degrees with wind and FLAT.

Plan of attack for the next 8 weeks;

SWIM: I'm confident in my swim when I can feel the water on my arms.  When I lack that sensation then I start to question my swim speed which causes me to work harder/muscle through it which translates into a horrible swim.  Knowing this about myself I will be opting for a sleeveless wetsuit.  A sleeveless wetsuit will still provide the buoyancy while allowing my arms to feel the water.  For the next 8 weeks I will work on building my aerobic and muscular endurance.

BIKE: This will be the focal point of my training as it will offer the "best bang for the buck".   I will be spending a majority of each week on the bike with the purpose of raising my threshold as high as possible.  I'm very excited to devote a ton of time to the bike because I love pedaling.  I have the utmost intentions of becoming the strongest cyclist I can be and at the end of the training block being able to rip the pedals off the crank. 

RUN: If biking is priority A1 then running is A2.  We decided that 8 weeks is not enough time to crank up the mileage of a desired long run of 16-18 miles so the focus will be quality over quantity.  My longer runs will be around 2 hours or 11 miles.  Keeping in mind the abuse the body endures while running, the frequency will be less as compared to my biking.

Matt and I discussed other training and race details and we will formulate a definitive game plan much closer to race day. 

I'm excited to see what I can accomplish in the next 8 weeks. I will however be able to push further with my support team.  Ill be counting on each and everyone of you to push me and keep me focused on the task at hand.


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