It's Time

The time has finally arrived when I can start to really push my limiters and stretch my comfort zone without fear of injury. The timing is ideal as I now have just over a month to really enhance my fitness and fine tune my race game plan.

For the past month I have stuck to the game plan as mentioned in my previous blog. The intensity and duration of my bike and running sessions have certainly increased. I've been reaping the rewards of my labor on the bike. My endurance has started to take off along with my power. What I have found great gratification in has been the harmony I found with my pedal stroke. I have achieved an entirely new level of smoothness and grace while pedaling. I no longer need to say to myself "smooth circles" every single second, of every minute, of every hour, of every ride. It's an extremely calming, tranquil and zen feeling to have my stroke so dialed.

I'm not sure how to describe my running. Every run session prescribed to me since joining with Organic Endurance is an adventure and often surprising. After each run I always assume that I have reached my potential only to be proved wrong the very next session. I'm running farther, faster, quicker, and smoother than I ever have. I know just smile and laugh when I see what Matt has in store for me.  He just lines up the times like pins and I just knock them down over and over again. Am I fast enough to be a threat on the run? Nope. Am I fast enough to reach my goals and threaten my preconceived notions of my running ability? Yes sir.

And what about the swim? Well I finally splurged and bought a sleeveless wetsuit despite making every attempt not to. I purchased a BlueSeventy Fusion via Amazon. The suit fits like a glove and my apprehension with having tight shoulders during the initial stages of the swim have all but been eliminated. Removing the sleeves is in no way a substitute for hard work in the pool but it will give me a peace of mind and eliminate a lot of shoulder restriction. The only feasible way to have not gone sleeveless would have been to spend a enormous amount of time in the open water which just hasn't been possible. I have made my swim concerns apparent to Matt and we will be putting in the work necessary to be successful at Miamiman. I'm sure within the next 4 weeks I will have bulletproof confidence with my swim.

I plan on sitting down with Matt next week to talk about the game plan for the coming month. I'm pretty sure what his responses will be but I always enjoy sitting down with him and talking shop.

At this point in my training I'm starting to believe that I can reach my goals for the bike and run that I had established at the start of the season. I don't think I will realistically reach my swim goal however. Despite the potential of falling short on the swim I do believe I can reach my overall time goal for the 70.3 distance.


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