The Daddy Experiment 2.0

Just over 5 months into this experiment of balancing being a new Dad while attempting to chase my athletic dreams and the outlook is promising.

I can happily say that the fourth month denotes when actual training began.  My sporadic exercise has transformed into training as Noah developed a solid routine and Melissa and I have started to figure out our roles as parents. The consistency and quality of my training has started to approach my standards resulting in a steady improvement of fitness.  Instead of averaging 9 hours of training per week I'm easily fitting in 12+ hours.  This increase in volume was exactly the shock my body needed as I very quickly began to lean out, and my confidence in myself and the ability to reach my goals sky rocketed.  My goals were actually becoming a reality.

Month four seamlessly transitioned into month five. Noah continues to develop more of a set routine and Melissa and I are continually redefining our roles as parents. This month was the start of my Summer vacation which meant my new full time job was that of Dad.  I'm very excited to be home with Noah and be Dad for the Summer.  The quality time I have spent with him so far has been nothing short of amazing.  The development of babies during months four and five is ridiculous. These two months are easily my favorite. Noah is starting to develop a personality, is laughing, smiling, "talking", SLEEPING, developing muscular strength, becoming cognizant of his feet and tongue, curious and inquisitive of his surroundings, has increased facial recognition of family members, etc. Everyday he is developing and Melissa and I are like kids on Christmas morning wondering what will happen next.

Training wise I have become very happy with my progress, consistency and quality are easily meeting my standards and my goals are still with in sight. As a wake-up call I headed out to Montauk with some of the boys from Organic Endurance to recon the race course.  I have raced and trained on this course many times before but I thought it would be wise to freshen up on its subtleties. The recon was the perfect motivator.  I know new areas I needed to address with my training and had developed an initial plan of attack for having a successful race.  I was also very thankful to have two more months of training left before the race because I'm  going to need every single one of those days to be confidently prepared.

Proper recovery in Montauk

Pure Happiness


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